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Apostrophe 2.72.3: page permissions simplified, in-context editing regression fix and more

  • The “apply to subpages” feature for page permissions has been greatly simplified and made easier to understand. There is now just one shared “copy these permissions to subpages now?” dropdown, which applies to ALL current permissions for the current page: “who can view this page,” “these users can view,” “these groups can edit,” etc.

As the help text now properly explains, if you pick “yes” and save page settings as usual, the permissions of all subpages are updated to match on a one-time basis. After that, you can edit them normally for the subpages. This is an action that takes place at “save” time, it is not a setting that is remembered.

This is good for laying down a baseline and then making fine-tuned adjustments per page, which is typical practice.

Previously this choice appeared in several places, including as a highly confusing and visually cluttered dropdown within the list of permissions per user and group. While theoretically this allowed for propagating fine-tuned adjustments to subpages one at a time, in practice users did not understand it, including many enterprise customers who invest significant time in Apostrophe. Therefore a simpler solution is of greater overall value.

  • Regression fix: support for in-context, on-page editing of areas in array fields has been restored.

  • Attempts to save a field of type object with a missing required field now behave sensibly, you no longer see a spinner forever on a grayed-out page. Note that the use of required for the object itself has no meaning because there is always an object; you should make its fields required, or not, as you see fit.

  • “Move” and “Trash” operations on widgets now emit the Apostrophe events widgetMoved and widgetTrashed. The widget’s container div is emitted as the argument to the event.

Thanks to our enterprise support clients for their support of this work.

apostrophe-workflow 2.13.3

  • Do not crash when legacy locales no longer in the configuration are present for some but not all documents when moving a page in the tree.
  • Styling for better page settings UX: the applyToSubpages dropdown on the page settings permissions tab is a one-time action that happens on save, it’s not a setting. So toggling it to see what that setting is currently in “live” does not make sense. Use CSS to hide that irrelevant control (requires apostrophe 2.72.3 to see this benefit).