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Is Apostrophe CMS sustainable with DigitalOcean


I have purchased a digitalOcean hosting server which is powered by Cloudways some time back as it was on a promotion. Although the server is vacant as if for now and now I am looking to host an online store on it. However, I don’t know whether the Apostrophe CMS is sustainable with DigitalOcean or not.?


Some of our clients have run ApostropheCMS sites for years on DigitalOcean droplets. It’s an offering comparable to Linode, or Amazon Lightsail.

If you do not expect your client to grow to webscale, as in SUPER HUGE, and they don’t have a big budget either, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is usually fine.

If you suspect your client may become SUPER HUGE, as in “mentioned on a very popular TV show and suddenly millions of people click ‘Buy’ at once,” but you don’t have a big team and a big budget for ops right now, go with our Heroku HOWTO. This will cost more and take more work, the cloud is not the easiest way to do anything, but it scales. You can add more “dynos” (servers, basically) by turning a dial. You need a strong database solution too; go with MongoDB Atlas, hosted in the same AWS region with your Heroku dynos so the connection is very fast. And your uploaded media will go to Amazon S3.

But again… all extra work. So if “webscale” is just a dream for now, put ApostropheCMS on that DigitalOcean droplet with enough RAM for MongoDB and Apostrophe (2GB RAM is a good idea), and know that when the time comes you can always follow our HOWTO to migrate to Heroku.

If you need more help scaling and deploying ApostropheCMS, you should definitely contact us for enterprise support.