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Submit Pieces Widgets type not defined


Hi Guys,

I’ve been creating a basic contact form following your documentation and have got it working but now want to remove the “excess” code by using the apostrophe-pieces-submit-widgets module. I have tried using it in both my app.js file and creating a contact-form-submit-widgets module and I receive the following error:

The type apostrophe-pieces-submit-widgets is not defined.

I have also tried manually installing the above module using NPM but still receive the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Wayne, please make a new stackoverflow post with the specifics of this new setup. This forum is not for how-to questions.

You might want to share a simple project demonstrating the issue. Yes, you do need to npm install the apostrophe-pieces-submit-widgets module, for sure. It is hard to say more without seeing a project that duplicates the error.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply, here’s my StackOverflow question: here

Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.