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"Add Image" in Manage Images does not work after update to 2.36.3



i updated apostrophe to 2.36.3. Everything looks fine, but i can not upload images anymore.
When I click on the “Add Image” Button in the Manage Image Panel nothing happens.
There is no js error reported in the Console or on the server terminal.

Any Idea what this could be?

(macOS, Safari 11)


Hi Kris, how-to questions like this should really go to stackoverflow. However I just did a from-scratch reinstall of our sandbox project, with apostrophe 2.36.3, and I was not able to reproduce this problem. Can you reproduce it in that manner? If not I suggest creating the simplest test project you can that duplicates the issue and pushing that to github so it can be checked out.


Hi Tom,
Thanks for your help. It’s all my fault. I extend ‘apostrophe-pieces’ and customised it to handle some extra features. (without admin menu, ect.) I had overwritten it to ‘apostrophe-pieces-woadmin’ and added it to the module-scope. But this does some wired things in the current version.
Well this is a hack and should not be discussed any longer. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for you help. I’ll to it the right way.