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Apostrophe 2.35.0: helpful tools for templates and widgets, more forgiving attachment URLs & more

  • apos.areas.isEmpty(data.page, 'body') will now tell you if that area is considered empty (it contains no widgets, or the widgets consider themselves empty).

  • The new controls option may be passed to any widget, via apos.singleton or via the configuration for that specific widget type in an apos.area call. In this example, the widget cannot be removed, cannot be moved, and has its controls positioned at the upper right instead of the upper left:

  apos.singleton(data.page, 'footer', 'apostrophe-rich-text', {
    controls: {
      removable: false,
      movable: false,
      position: 'top-right'

The position suboption may be set to top-left, top-right, bottom-left or bottom-right.

The removable and movable suboptions are primarily intended for singletons.

  • By popular demand, the insert and update methods of pieces now pass the piece to their callback as the second argument.

  • Better CSS reset for Apostrophe’s admin UI.

  • callOne added for convenience when you want to invoke a method normally invoked by callAll in the same way, but for only one module. Thanks to Arthur.

  • If an attachment does not exist, apos.attachments.url no longer results in a template error page. Instead a fallback icon is displayed and an error message is logged. Developers should still always check whether attachments and joined objects still exist in their templates. Thanks to Raphaël DiRago.

  • Notifications within modals move to lower right corner of modal for readability.

  • Cleaned up font paths.

  • Accommodations for the latest release of the separately published apostrophe-workflow module.