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Apostrophe 2.36.2: fixes for "reorganize," managing pieces, rejecting bad field name choices


** 2.36.2

  • Dragging and dropping a page a long distance in “reorganize” will now automatically scroll the “reorganize” dialog box so you can move the page as far as you wish.
  • Attempts to drag a page above or below the “Home” page in “reorganize” no longer cause a restart. Also, the interface rejects them gracefully.
  • Attempts to drag a page below the trashcan are rejected gracefully.
  • When trashInSchema is active, the “traditional” trash can sorts below “in-context” trash, and the traditional trash can receives the special label “Legacy Trash” to reduce confusion.
  • When on page two (or higher) in the “manage” view of pieces, performing a text search now correctly resets to page one.
  • Throw an error at startup if a forbidden schema field name is used in addFields configuration. For instance, type is forbidden for widget schemas, while docPermissions is forbidden for doc type schemas, and _id is forbidden for both. Note that field names like title that are already in the schema are not forbidden because re-adding a schema field replaces it, which is often done to change the label, etc. So we’ll be adding more documentation about these to help developers avoid surprises if their intention was an entirely new field.