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Apostrophe 2.37.0 & apostrophe-workflow 2.2.1: drag and drop fixes, .njk file extension for Nunjucks templates


Changes in apostrophe 2.37.0:

  • New feature: you may now use the .njk file extension in addition to .html for your Nunjucks templates. In order to maximize the usefulness of this feature in the context of existing Apostrophe code, .njk is still checked for even if .html was specified when calling the render method. .njk is a convention adopted by the Nunjucks community and is supported by some syntax highlighters.
  • Bug fix: drag-and-drop reordering and movement of widgets is once again functional. (The arrows worked all along.)
  • Bug fix: drag-and-drop targets for widgets residing in areas nested in other widgets now appear and function properly.

Changes in apostrophe-workflow 2.2.1:

When exporting, reordering widgets should export only the change in ordering; it should not erase localizations performed on those widgets in the target locale.