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Apostrophe 2.38.0-2.39.0: easy access to options, accommodations for headless and other new modules



  • Various schema field validators for required fields no longer crash on the browser side if a property is nonexistent, as opposed to being the expected empty string.
  • Buttons for editing pieces widgets now use less confusing language.
  • Accommodations for the apostrophe-headless module, including factoring out certain login-related and piece-related functionality to separate methods in order to make it easier to introduce RESTful APIs for the same features.
  • Unit tests no longer drop the entire test database between suites; instead they drop the collections. Also the unit test timeout can be set via an environment variable. This accommodates testing against various cloud databases with security that precludes dropping entire databases.
  • Lots of new content in the README to get folks who haven’t been to the documentation site yet a little more excited.


  • Easier access to options. Introduced the getOption method to all modules. Calling self.getOption(req, 'sizes.large') from your module’s server-side JavaScript code, or just module.getOption('sizes.large') from Nunjucks, will return the value of self.options.sizes.large for that module. You may also pass an array of keys, i.e. module.getOption([ 'sizes', 'large' ]). This method is tolerant, it returns undefined if any part of the path does not exist. See also the new apostrophe-override-options module, which extends this feature to support customizing the returned value for any option based on the current page type, page settings, piece settings and locale.
  • Helpful warning when maximum area/widget loader recursion level is reached. Always use projections when adding joins to your schema to avoid a performance hit due to runaway recursion.
  • New disabledTypes option to apostrophe-pages, primarily for use with apostrophe-override-options.
  • Fixed UI bug relating to area menus at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when invalid usernames attempted to log in. Thanks to Arthur.