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Apostrophe 2.45.0: easy email, promises and documentation for caches, easy extending of pieces widgets and more


apostrophe module updates: 2.45.0

  • The apostrophe-caches module has better, clearer documentation and it now supports promises.
  • All modules can now conveniently send email using Nodemailer. The new email method of all modules renders a template in that module’s views folder, exactly as you would hope it would, and also automatically generates a plaintext version for the occasional user who does not view HTML email. The automatically generated versions include links properly.
  • Extending apostrophe-images-widgets and other pieces widgets is easier. If your widget name doesn’t correspond to the kind of piece you are displaying, a helpful error appears explaining that you need to set piecesModuleName. Adding fields to these widgets now behaves reasonably. Also, if you add fields to apostrophe-images or apostrophe-files at project level, this now behaves as expected too.
  • A locking mechanism has been added during the movement of pages in the page tree. This prevents rare race conditions that could previously have resulted in duplicate page ranks, although the design of the page tree is such that more serious consequences were always avoided.
  • Text justification options for ckeditor are now standard in our build of ckeditor. Of course you still need to configure sanitize-html properly when using them.
  • Any widgets module may now specify a wrapperTemplate option. That template is rendered instead of the standard apostrophe-areas:widget.html template, and can use extends and override blocks found in that template. This is useful if you need to set attributes of the outer wrapper element of the widget.
  • The migration added in 2.43.0 to address file permissions for existing attachments in the trash has been greatly accelerated, helpful on large sites.
  • Better error messages for min and max options of some schema field types; provisions for expanded error messages in general.
  • For those using the testModule option to test their own npm modules in the context of Apostrophe, a default shortname is automatically provided.
  • Fixed missing space in admin bar markup, thanks to arlecchino.

apostrophe-workflow module updates: 2.6.0

  • Implemented lang helper to easily set the lang attribute of the html tag. It is your responsibility to call it if you choose, see the documentation.
  • UX improvement: no export modal should be displayed after committing if you can only edit one locale anyway based on permissions.

apostrophe-review-and-deploy module updates:

  • Support for deploying to multiple servers.

This recently released module allows for an additional layer of approval beyond workflow. Content that has already been made “live” according to workflow can then be sent through a visual review process before deploying it, via Apostrophe APIs, to a “true production” server or servers.