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Apostrophe code moved to new github organizations


Hello folks,

All of the Apostrophe repositories have moved from the “punkave” organization to the “apostrophecms” organization. This will make it a lot easier for folks to see what we have to offer.

An exception: old, crusty modules that only support Apostrophe 0.5 have moved to the “apostrophecms-legacy” organization to prevent confusion.

And, a little wrinkle: github has flagged apostrophecms-legacy, meaning the public cannot see it at the moment. We have followed their instructions to send a request to have it unflagged. I believe that shouldn’t take long. In the meantime, of course, all of our 0.5 modules are still published in npm, so you should be unaffected.

Happily there’s no such problem with the apostrophecms organization, where all the new modules are: