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Hi, i need help with searching data variable properties in documentation, i can’t find them. In tutorials i see some examples like data.page or data.user, but i whereever i’m searching for data implementation, i can’t find it. Can somebody help me?


Hi Vladislav-S, this should really go to stack overflow, but the deal with data is this: anything that is passed to the render method of a module (to render a template) becomes a property of data in the template.

The reason you can’t find an exhaustive list is that it depends on the page you’re on. A pieces-page will have data.pieces, a regular page won’t.

That being said, some properties of data are present all or most of the time, such as data.page (except in places like /login that are not pages in the tree) and data.user, and it would be helpful for us to document these clearly in one place.