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Apostrophe module updates: goodies for sitemaps and option overrides


apostrophe 2.39.1:

  • Factored out a getBaseUrl method for apostrophe-pages, allowing overrides of this that pay attention to req.
  • Report pageBeforeSend errors and failures to load the global doc properly, don’t silently tolerate them.
  • Documentation corrections. Thanks to Frederik Ekelund

apostrophe-workflow 2.3.3:

  • Safely ignore widgets with no manager.
  • When autoconfiguring the hostnames feature based on the legacy subdomains setting, keep port numbers unless they are 80 or 443.
  • Override getBaseUrl method of apostrophe-pages to push out the right absolute URLs based on the hostnames option.

apostrophe-override-options 2.1.0:

  • A module may now override its own options (for instance, via editable) without the apos.modulename prefix.
  • Widget modules may override their own options only, via editable. These overrides are honored only while that specific widget is being rendered. That is, they are accessible from a module.getOption call made from widget.html or something invoked by it. Because they are not full-page experiences, widgets may not override the options of other modules.

apostrophe-site-map 2.2.0:

  • piecesPerBatch option for performance. Still defaults to processing 100 pieces at a time, but if your pieces are uncomplicated you can process them faster.
  • Support for the hostname option of apostrophe-workflow.