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Apostrophe-workflow 2.0.0 released: workflow, localization and internationalization for Apostrophe 2.x


The apostrophe-workflow module has been completely rewritten for Apostrophe 2.x. This new version addresses both workflow and localization in a way that provides capabilities rarely seen in CMSes.

Both internationalization and everyday “approve this before it goes live” workflow are greatly improved over the experience in older versions of Apostrophe and most other systems as well.

As a workflow system, apostrophe-workflow provides for a draft version of every document, so that changes do not immediately “go live.” This preserves user-friendly editing while allowing for safer management of sensitive content.

As a localization system, apostrophe-workflow also provides for documents to exist in several locales (for separate countries, for instance), allowing for easy internationalization.

But it is in the combination of these two features that apostrophe-workflow truly shines. Changes made in one locale can be exported and merged into the latest draft of other locales, exporting only what has been changed so that the entire page does not have to be retranslated and users don’t have to go hunting for the changes in the source locale.

The apostrophe-workflow module supports both URL prefix-based locale selection and subdomain-based locale selection. If you’re not internationalizing your site at all, don’t worry: the “out of the box” configuration is similar to our classic workflow feature as seen in earlier versions of Apostrophe. And it’s easy to grow from there into fully localized sites.

We look forward to your feedback on apostrophe-workflow!

You can find apostrophe-workflow here.

Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.