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Apostrophe-workflow 2.1.1: fine-grained patching across locales and various fixes

  • When exporting a widget, all properties are now exported via the smallest “diff” possible, avoiding unnecessary overwrites of other properties that were not changed in the commit. Previously this was only true for subwidgets.
  • Joins nested in array schemas now participate properly in the add-missing-locales task and related mechanisms.
  • After a doc is exported, an invitation is offered to export any related docs (such as the images in a slideshow) that have never been exported to the locales in question and are not yet live in those locales.
  • If the “force export” button for an individual widget is used, and the widget is nested deeply in a context that doesn’t exist in the destination locale (such as a nested area), an informational error is reported and no crash occurs.

For more about the workflow module and how it provides approvals, localization and internationalization in a single package, see the workflow module documenation.