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CKEDITOR configuration is not working


I have tried to add justify plugin to be able to align text right, left or centre. But after following the instructions in the documentation (http://apostrophecms.org/docs/tutorials/howtos/ckeditor.html), I wonder if the plugin should be located in a specific folder (mine is at public/modules/apostrophe-areas/js/ckeditorPlugins/justify/), as it disappears when the site is loaded, but if I include it in some other folder such as public/plugins/justify still doesn’t work.

This is my code just in case: (located at lib/modules/apostrophe-areas/public/js/user.js)
> apos.define(‘apostrophe-areas’, {

      construct: function(self, options) {
        // Use the super pattern - don't forget to call the original method
        var superEnableCkeditor = self.enableCkeditor;
        self.enableCkeditor = function() {
          // Now do as we please
          CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('justify', '/modules/apostrophe-areas/js/ckeditorPlugins/justify/', 'plugin.js');

Also, it would be nice to know how the plugin should be called at the Toolbar settings for editable widgets. Thanks!


Hey, if the issue is relevant yet, check out this comment of mine on Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/a/45534336/4303134