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Dragging items causes Unblessed error


Just getting started with Apostrophe, looks like a great project!

I was just fooling around with the demo start up project from your docs and as I move things around (like rich text objects) on the page. I see dumps like this (below) in the server console.

I’m running 2.36.0 best that I can tell.


Error: unblessed
at /home/sandy/aposCMS/node_modules/apostrophe/lib/modules/apostrophe-areas/lib/routes.js:158:19
at /home/sandy/aposCMS/node_modules/apostrophe/lib/modules/apostrophe-module/index.js:86:20


Sandy, thanks for the bug report — would you please post it as a github issue? https://github.com/punkave/apostrophe

The forum is mainly for announcements and “what-if” and “why / why not” discussions about Apostrophe’s direction. Bug reports to github, how-to questions to stack overflow.



Will do!

And thanks for the excellent work!