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Missing documentation for features and how to set sorting order


First of all I’m totally in love with atostrophe and spend the last few days many hours to get the hang of it. I*m starting to develop my own documentation since it’s here and there a bit hard to get the needed information.
My first problem was to show extra columns in the cms like this:

After studying the sandbox demo I found “addColumns” but it was impossible to get any infos about that feature.
Are there more “special things” that would be useful to know? Or are there more sample projects to learn from?

Second: I tried to create a overview of current news. I use pieces for that and created a page for the pieces. But now I’m stucked because the order of the pieces array is always based on the “last edit” date. I want to sort it via publication date. I tried to see how apostrophe-blog did it but havent found the solution.
It seems like cursors can do that but are meant to get infos from pieces on another page. So one workaround would be to make a page and use cursor to get the information but there has to be another way, right? :slight_smile:

Thats all for now!
Thank you again for creating this cms!


Hi Samb, would you please post these one at a time as separate queries on stackoverflow and tag them apostrophe-cms so that people can find them? This forum is really for general discussion of Apostrophe and its direction, announcements, etc.

I promise to follow up. These questions do have answers. (:slight_smile: