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New articles: how Apostrophe starts up, and how Apostrophe responds to requests


Various people have asked for a better understanding of how Apostrophe is initialized. And an even more popular question: exactly how Apostrophe responds to an HTTP request from the browser and generates a page.

Understanding these things well gives you the ability to better change Apostrophe’s behavior.

Two new articles cover these subjects:

How Apostrophe starts up: initialization

How Apostrophe handles a request



Thanks for the articles! Could you also write one about the lifecycle of a module? Recently I’ve tried creating an email module and my aim was to store its configuration inside the global, but figuring out which event to bind to was a real nightmare – first I could not figure out how to get my settings from the global module, then I spent almost a day understanding how to get the widget data (all on the backend). Having an article from the devs on this matter would have helped a lot.


That is a good question. I am not sure it requires a HOWTO… I’d be happy to answer it on Stack Overflow; would you mind reposting it there and tagging it apostrophe-cms? Thanks!