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Unable to login after install Apostrophe-cms



I am a beginner in Apostrophe-cms. I tried to follow installation environment Apostrophe document. I can run the web on localhost:3000, but could not login.

These are the steps which I do:

Then I can open the website:

However, I could not login

I tried input user name: admin, password: admin. And I tried to run the code to create new user: admin1 / admin1, but still the same. When I click Login button the page do not login.

Could you help me on this? Did I missing any steps? Or any suggestion ?

I tried to install on Mac Book and Windows and removed and installed several times but the same thing. L

Thank you

Have a nice day.


Hey Alviss, the create user task takes a username and group (admin being a group) so if you’ve installed the cli try node app.js apostrophe-users:add admin admin. It should prompt you to create a password. Then your login would be admin and the password you entered.

Let me know if that’s helpful


thanks @stuartromanek.

I solved the issue. I installed wrong path (Data/DB) of MongoDB. I reinstalled. Apostrophe is running really good now.


I am having the same challenge - I didn’t enter a password or username assuming there would be a default. Any advice?