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2.77.2: attachments migration fixed, noninteractive migrations fixed, new tests in place to prevent regressions

  • Most migrations were failing when run in a non-interactive session. This was due to a stray piece of code that tried to interact with the progress meter when it was not available. This has been fixed. This was the underlying major issue in version 2.77.0.
  • The recent migration to set the docIds and trashDocIds properties of attachments correctly, allowing them to become inaccessible at the proper time, now runs and completes correctly, at the end of which all attachment permissions are properly restored. This resolves the issue that began with version 2.77.0.
  • The migration was also updated to avoid any chance of needlessly disabling permissions on a temporary basis during the migration run.
  • If you temporarily lost access to your media due to running migrations with 2.77.0, which was available for a few hours today, you can restore access with the following command line task:
node app apostrophe-attachments:recompute-all-doc-references

If you manually set your permissions globally as a workaround, you should run this task to reset them appropriately:

node app apostrophe-attachments:reset-uploadfs-permissions

Although there is no reason to expect a recurrence of this issue, these command line tasks will continue to be available going forward, just in case.

Regression test updates

Our regression tests are being updated to prevent a recurrence by noninteractively invoking apostrophe-migrations:migrate and checking for a clean exit code.