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A social network like extension for Apostrophe?


Hi guys I’ve just come across Apostrophe and I’m loving it!

We’re currently using Wordpress and looking for a change :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there is an extension for Apostrophe similar to Buddypress? Or if anyone is working on something like this?

If not - is this something that anyone else would be interested in helping develop?


That’s an interesting idea, and a good use for a post in this forum, too.

Currently there is no official extension like this, no. It could be a good candidate for an apostrophe enterprise support project, or for a community-built module.

Of course it’s always worth checking your project’s goals to make sure something like Disqus wouldn’t be sufficient to meet the need, or perhaps an instance of Discourse working in harmony with your Apostrophe site. We use Discourse for this forum, for instance.