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A3 Alpha 2 Release

Apostrophe 3, Alpha 2 - Edit Mode

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Apostrophe 3.0.0-alpha.2. This release introduces a new feature called Edit Mode. We’ve also added support for Bearer Tokens and API Keys to enable full read/write access for your headless applications. Be sure to check out our A3 documentation to get started.

The introduction of Edit Mode marks a big departure from A2. In A2, users were often frustrated that when viewing a page as a logged-in user, they were in a permanent state of editing, which they found a bit distracting and overwhelming. Edit Mode allows users to switch between Editing and Previewing. When in Preview Mode, all of the standard Apostrophe Area and Widget UI is hidden, making it easier to preview your site while in a logged in state.

As always, Apostrophe still auto-saves all of your edits. While the auto-saving is a much loved feature of Apostrophe, we felt it was time to finally introduce Undo / Redo commands as part of Edit Mode. These buttons allow editors to redact or reapply any changes they’ve made in a single session, from when they load the page and until they close the tab. In our next release, we’ll be rolling out the much anticipated Drafts functionality, which seeks to provide a bullet-proof safety net to the entire editorial process.

We’ve also made it more obvious to editors when they are attempting to edit a foreign document (content that is not own by the URL they’re currently on). We felt it was important to provide additional clarity for situations where a documents context might exist in multiple locations.

2.x.x Release Notes

sanitize-html 2.2.0

  • Adds a note to the README about Typescript support (or the lack-thereof).
  • Adds tel to the default allowedSchemes. Thanks to Arne Herbots for this contribution.

apostrophe-palette 2.0.29

Support for the htmlHelp feature of schema fields

apostrophe-headless 2.11.0

  • Added an apostrophe-headless:beforeLogin promise event. Thanks to Jose García of swiss4ward for the contribution.
  • Updates ESLint settings

apostrophe-saml 2.3.2

For users who have logged in before, caching of the redirect to the IDP can result in a “stale request” error from Shibboleth and possibly other identity providers on future login attempts. Resolved this by issuing appropriate headers to prevent any caching of the 302 redirect.

apostrophe-guides 1.1.0

Update navigation items to support a site prefix.

apostrophe-i18n-static 1.1.2

Fixed “verbose” option while generating a file.