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Allow non-admins to edit other's content

I have a use case where I need a certain user group (“editors”) to be able to view and modify the values which are presented in the “Permissions” tab of the content edit modal.

I would like the author of the content (editor role) to be able to selectively allow other users the ability to edit the same piece of content. I’ve added the permissionsFields: true value to the module’s record in my app.js. Doing this adds the tab to the modal window, but only “admin” users can see the “These Users/Groups can edit” fields.

I like that non-admin users can only edit content that they themselves have created created, but would like to augment the process with the tweak described above. Is it possible (via custom code or built-in functionality)? If so can you either link me to the documentation page with the details or provide a code example.

I’m currently running version 2.100.1

Do I understand correctly that you’re looking to allow the “editor” role users to also configure edit permissions?

Yes. Basically I want the content to be collaboratively managed (or at least have the option to do so).
For example: The content author creates the event, but he wants his colleague(s) to be able to edit and update the content going forward. In this case both users would have the “editor” role.