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Apostrohe 2.94.0: easy slug conflict fixes, simple cloud asset bundles fix, apos.utils.post supports on-JSON responses

  • When you edit the slug of a piece or page manually and a slug conflict with another piece or page is created, you can now optionally click a button in order to edit the conflicting piece or page, and change its slug to eliminate the conflict.

  • Bug fix for the new simplified static asset bundling: URLs beginning with / in CSS files are correctly rewritten to point to the bundle in the cloud when using the simple bundle feature (APOS_BUNDLE=1). This was already done for the old method.

  • In the browser, the lean methods apos.utils.post and apos.utils.get now accept non-JSON responses from APIs. To maximize bc, if the response has the application/json content type, it is always parsed for you; if not, it is still parsed for you if it is valid JSON, but otherwise it is delivered to you as-is (as a string).