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Apostrophe 2.101.0

  • Due to npm audit security vulnerability warnings and the end of upstream support, the 2.x version of the mongodb npm module (the driver we used to connect to MongoDB, not MongoDB itself) can no longer be responsibly used in Apostrophe. Therefore we have replaced it with the new emulate-mongo-2-driver module, which strives to match the interface of the MongoDB driver version 2.x while acting as a wrapper for the official, supported MongoDB driver version 3.x. This has been tested in many projects. Therefore no code changes should be required for your project to npm update to version 2.101.0. However if you encounter incompatibilities, most likely in driver features not used in Apostrophe, please contribute additional wrappers and test coverage to emulate-mongo-2-driver. Another option is to use apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver, which allows you to use the 3.x driver API directly and also provides a findWithProjection collection method as a migration path for quickly patching legacy code.

  • The def property of schema fields associated with specific page types is now displayed in the editor when creating new pages. Thanks to Michelin for making this work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.

  • A schema field named fields can now be included in a projection without surprising behavior.

  • EPS (.eps) files are now accepted as Apostrophe attachments and categorized in the office group, meaning they can be uploaded as “files.”

  • The aspectRatio option, when specified directly for attachment schema field properties, now implies permission to crop as forced center-cropping differed from what we do when applying aspect ratios to image widgets.

  • Cross-browser fix for the back button when using our page-refresh-free AJAX features for browsing pieces. Thanks to sergiodop92 for this fix.