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Apostrophe 2.102.2: modern Mongo URIs, plus 100% free of MongoDB deprecation warnings when appropriately configured!

  • Removed the restriction preventing the use of mongodb+srv connection
    URIs with MongoDB. emulate-mongo-2-driver has no problem with these, since
    it passes them on to the 3.x driver.

  • Updated dependency to emulate-mongo-2-driver 1.1.0, which knocks out 100% of the common MongoDB deprecation warnings when using Apostrophe, with one exception: you should set the useUnifiedTopology: true option yourself. We do not do this for you because we cannot break legacy configurations using other topologies. However most of you can just turn this option on and enjoy more reliable connections and no more warnings.

Here is how to configure that in Apostrophe:

// in app.js, where your modules key is...
modules: {
  'apostrophe-db': {
    connect: {
      useUnifiedTopology: true