Apostrophe 2.103.0: improved conflict resolution, dynamic choices in "Manage" filters and more

2.103.0 (2020-03-02)

  • Frustrations with conflict resolution have been much improved. First, Apostrophe no longer displays the “another user has taken control of the document” message multiple times in a row. Second, due to changes in what browsers allow to happen when you leave the page, beginning in version 2.102.0 Apostrophe displayed too many messages about a conflict with your own work in another tab. We no longer display these messages. However, if there really is work lost for the same document in another tab, Apostrophe will still tell you what happened in order to teach the habit of not editing the same page in two tabs simultaneously. We still do prompt before taking over a document from a different user.

  • You may now use a select schema field with dynamic choices as a filter in “Manage Pieces.”

  • required is now enforced on the server side for joinByOne. However, note that it is always possible for the document you joined with to be moved to the trash at a later time. You must therefore always check that the join was really loaded before relying on it. Thanks to Ricardo José Rodríguez Álvarez.

  • Hidden information at the bottom of certain modals has been restored to view.