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Apostrophe 2.104.0: fix for "count", apos.utils.get fixes, apos.utils.get/post are awaitable

  • apos.utils.get and now return a promise if invoked without a callback. This means you may use await with them. It is up to you to provide a Promise polyfill if you use this feature without callbacks and intend to support IE11. For instance you could use the core-js library. These methods are similar to $.get and $.post but do not require jQuery. supports Apostrophe’s CSRF protection natively so you do not have to add an exception if you use it. These methods are available in lean frontend mode.

  • apos.utils.get no longer adds an unnecessary ? to the URL it fetches if data has no properties. In addition, apos.utils.get leaves the URL unchanged if data is null.

  • Recursion warnings now include a hint to add a projection to pieces-widgets as well as more obvious joins.

  • Dependencies updated to reflect latest version of emulate-mongo-2-driver, which contains an important fix to count.