Apostrophe 2.107.1 and 3.0 alpha progress

Current Focus

Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve been deeply focused on the Media Library for the alpha release of Apostrophe 3. The team has been working through the various components that drive this feature, and most of the outstanding items have moved through the review process. We published our progress so far on StoryBook, but we’re still working through a few issues regarding accessibility.

A couple of highlights regarding the progress we’ve made on the back end “loose ends” these past few weeks. We’ve made the decision not to include tags as we know them in our alpha release. Starting in alpha, tags will be implemented as a piece type in specific contexts for filtering media content, such as images and video. Developers can still create tag-like pieces on their own if a project requires. This is a departure from the 2.x way tags worked.

Additionally, 3.x alpha will remove the trashInSchema concept. There will be only one trash to rule them all for pages. Finally, developers will be able to fetch the home page via the rest API by using _home rather than its actual id, and you can fetch the main trash can page using _trash in the same way. In addition, REST write operations support passing _home and _trash as the targetId .

Alpha has been a long journey, but we’re expecting to close out all remaining backend tasks during the next 2 weeks, and couldn’t be more excited :tada:. Following this, we’ll be ready to move into the integration phase, which consists of marrying our StoryBook components to the new backend.

Standard release notes below, cheers.

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In Design:

In Development:

  • Back end testing
  • Apostrophe 3.0 Component Library (StoryBook).
  • Apostrophe CLI user-config

New Releases

apostrophe (core) 2.107.1

Improve apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver module compatibility, fixing a bug with counts: true . Note that the 3.x driver is already used in recent updates of apostrophe, via a 2.x emulation wrapper.

apostrophe-workflow 2.35.0

  • Adds the missingPrefixRedirectStatusCode option. By default, access to the root of a domain with multiple locales distinguished by prefixes will redirect to the one specified by defaultLocalesByHostname with status code 302. You may set this to 301 for a permanent redirect.
  • defaultLocalesByHostname was incorrectly documented as defaultHostnamesByLocale .

apostrophe-palette 2.0.25

Updates styles to be friendly with new color field updates.

apostrophe-pieces-export 2.3.0
Adds a filters option, allowing custom filters to be added to the export dialog box. Thanks to Michelin for making this work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.

apostrophe-open-graph 1.1.6

  • Removes a regression where the site domain would be present twice in the og:image tag if baseUrl is set in the application. There is also a dev warning if baseUrl is not set.
  • Removes Facebook-specific language.

apostrophe-dialog-box 1.0.6

  • Makes dialogs triggered by timers are editable.
  • Dialogs with widgets are enhanced normally with players (video etc.), even in lean mode.

sanitize-html 1.26.0


  • Adds enforceHtmlBoundary option to process code bounded by the html tag, discarding any code outside of those tags. Thanks to Andrzej Porebski for the contribution.
  • Migrates to the main lodash package from the per method packages since they are deprecated and cause code duplication. Thanks to Merceyz for the contribution.
  • Adds a warning when style and script tags are allowed, as they are inherently vulnerable to being used in XSS attacks. The warning can be disabled by including the option allowVulnerableTags: true .

1.26.0 Adds the option element to the default nonTextTagsArray of tags with contents that aren’t meant to be displayed visually as text. This can be overridden with the nonTextTags option.

mechanic 1.4.0

Added the --redirect=https://example.com and --redirect-full=https://example.com options, to redirect all traffic to another site. If you want the rest of the URL after the hostname to be appended when redirecting, use --redirect-full . To send everything to the same place, use --redirect .

absolution 1.0.2

Updates to lodash v4 and mocha v7 for security vulnerability fixes. Also updates the package metadata.