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Apostrophe 2.46.0: easy schema fieldset overrides, "copy" button fixes, secured widget properties, eslint compliance & more promises

  • The “Copy” button of pieces now copies areas that do not explicitly appear in the schema, and works correctly when an apostrophe-pieces module is set contextual: true. Overrideable methods are provided for those who need to copy more than schema fields and top-level areas. We do not copy every property by default because this could have unforeseen consequences; we copy only what is in the schema, plus top-level areas because these have always been supported without an explicit schema in templates.

  • It is now possible to secure widget properties so that they are not visible to end users if you do not choose to output them in the markup. To do that, set the playerData option of your widget module to false, or to an array of properties that should be visible in the data JSON attribute so that they are passed to the play() method. Normally widget properties are public information, intended for display, but this technique is useful if you have a username and password for use in fetching an external feed in a server-side load method, for instance. Note that to allow widget editing to function, everything is still passed in data if the user has editing privileges for the widget. So if you seek to verify this feature, be sure to check as a logged-out user, or a user without editing permissions for that content.

  • It is now easy to override the fieldset markup for Apostrophe schemas. Just copy lib/modules/apostrophe-schemas/views/fieldset.html to your project-level version of that path and edit it. However, please note that you must continue to have an outer wrapper element with the given attributes.

  • Apostrophe’s codebase now passes eslint. In the process many cases of callback errors being ignored were fixed, as well as global variable leaks.

  • Apostrophe’s apos.locks.lock and apos.locks.unlock methods now support promises.