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Apostrophe 2.59.1 released: def property for widget schemas, infinite scroll fixes, functional tests and more

  • Widget schemas now support the def property for fields. This always worked for pieces and pages.
  • Accommodations for functional testing in nightwatch. The currently active Apostrophe modal, and all of its proxies such as its controls that are in a separate div for presentation reasons, now has the attribute data-apos-modal-current which is set to the class name of the modal. This powers the new apostrophe-nightwatch-tools module, which provides reusable commands and steps that can be used to create test projects similar to our apostrophe-enterprise-testbed. Testing with the enterprise testbed project is a standard part of our release process.
  • Previously if workflow was in use slugs could not be reused by new pages when the original page was in the trash. This has been addressed; the slug is now deduplicated in the same way that email addresses and usernames of users are when in the trash.
  • The infinite scroll feature of apostrophe-pieces-pages now works as documented with the styles provided. The code is also more efficient and scroll events are throttled for performance. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • Various UX fixes, thanks to Lars Houmark and various members of the Apostrophe team.