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Apostrophe 2.60.1 released: user interface fixes, corrected dependencies, more validation of code and data, and general UI improvement

  • Fields of type checkboxes now play nicely with the live/draft toggle of apostrophe-workflow.
  • Improved validation of integers and floats. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • The “Global” dialog box now follows the same pattern as that for other piece types, which means that the workflow dropdown menu is available if workflow is present.
  • Options may be passed to the express.static middleware that serves the public folder, via the static option of the apostrophe-express module. Thanks to Leonhard Melzer.
  • apostrophe now depends on bluebird properly and there are no lingering references to the wrong version fo lodash. Formerly we got away with this because some of our dependencies did depend on these, and npm flattens dependencies. Thanks to Leonhard Melzer.
  • The new eslint-config-punkave ruleset is in place, and includes a check for “unofficial dependencies” in require calls that could go away suddenly.
  • fieldClasses and fieldAttributes may be set on form fields themselves, similar to the existing classes and attributes properties that are applied to the fieldset. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • The “Pages” admin UI now includes a “New Page” button, in addition to the usual “reorganize” functionality. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • Fixed a crash when an apostrophe-pieces-widget is configured to always show all pieces via by: 'all'. Thanks to Aurélien Wolz.
  • General UI styling improvements and fixes.