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Apostrophe 2.60.2 released: fixes for regressions in 2.60.1, recommended upgrade

  • Version 2.60.1 broke validation of schema fields which were required, but blank because they were hidden by showFields. This is of course permitted, required applies only if the field is active according to showFields or not addressed by any showFields possibilities at all. Comprehensive unit testing was added for this issue to prevent a recurrence.
  • Version 2.60.1 also introduced a more subtle issue: if constraints like required or min, or general improvements to validation such as NaN detection for integers and floats, were added to a widget schema later after content already existed then it became impossible to open a widget editor and correct the issues. Validation tolerance was added for this situation.
  • When a user edits an area “in context” on the page, the server now reports errors using a path that can be used to identify the widget responsible and open its editing dialog box. A more relevant notification is also displayed. This remains a secondary mechanism. Server-side validation is mostly about preventing intentional abuse. Browser-side validation is still the best way to provide feedback during data entry.
  • The recently introduced apos.tasks.invoke method now correctly makes the new task’s temporary argv object available as apos.argv for the duration of the new task.