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Apostrophe 2.62.0: UX improvements, bug fixes, steps toward newer MongoDB compatibility



  • Introduced a findWithProjection() method that is added to all MongoDB collection objects. All Apostrophe core modules are migrating towards using this method rather than find() when working directly with MongoDB collections. If you are using the standard MongoDB 2.x driver that is included with Apostrophe, this just calls regular find(). When using the forthcoming apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver module to replace that with a newer driver that supports the full features of MongoDB 3.6, 4.0 and beyond, this method will provide backwards compatibility by accepting a projection as the second argument like find() did until the 3.x driver was released. Developers wishing to be compatible with both drivers will want to start using this method. Again, this only concerns you if you are querying MongoDB directly and passing a projection to find() as the second argument. And if you don’t care about using the 3.x driver, you do not have to change anything.
  • Various UX improvements and bug fixes to the page versions dialog box. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • The widget wrapper is updated on the fly with new classes if they change due to edits. Thanks to Fredrik Ekelund.
  • When configuring a date field, you may pass a pikadayOptions property. This object is passed on to the pikaday library. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • The counts: true option for piecesFilters now works properly with joins.