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Apostrophe 2.63.0: "promise events," SVG support, prepend/append and many fixes

  • “Promise events” have arrived. This is a major feature. Promise events will completely
    replace callAll in Apostrophe 3.x. For 2.x, all existing invocations of callAll in the
    core Apostrophe module now also emit a promise event. For instance, when the docBeforeInsert
    callAll method is invoked, Apostrophe also emits the beforeInsert promise event on the
    apostrophe-docs` module.

Other modules may listen for this event by writing code like this:

self.on('apostrophe-docs:beforeInsert', 'chooseASpecialist', function(req, doc, options) {
  // Modify `doc` here. You may return a promise, and it will resolve before
  // any more handlers run. Then the doc is inserted

The above code adds a new chooseASpecialist method to your module. This way, the method can be overridden by assigning a new function to self.chooseASpecialist in a module that
extends it, or its behavior can be extended in the usual way following the super pattern.

But, since it does not have the same name as
the event (attempting to register a method of the same name will throw an error), it is unlikely
that parent class modules and subclass modules will have unintentional conflicts.

See the original github issue for a more complete description of the feature and the reasoning behind it.

Your existing callAll methods will still work. But, we recommend you start migrating to be
ready to move to 3.x in the future… and because returning promises is just a heck of
a lot nicer. You will have fewer problems.

  • Optional SVG support for apostrophe-images. To enable it, set the svgImages option to
    true when configuring the apostrophe-images module. SVG files can be uploaded just like
    other image types. Manual cropping is not available. However, since most SVG files play very well
    with backgrounds, the SVG file is displayed in its entirety without distortion at the largest size
    that fits within the aspect ratio of the widget in question, if any (background-size: contain
    is used). if you have overridden widget.html for apostrophe-images-widgets, you will want
    to refer to the latest version of widgetBase.html for the technique we used here to ensure
    SVG files do not break the slideshow’s overall height.
  • New apos.templates.prepend and apos.templates.append methods. Call
    apos.templates.prepend('head', function(req) { ... }) to register a function to be called just after
    the head tag is opened each time a page is rendered. The output of your function is inserted into
    the markup. The standard named locations are head, body, contextMenu and main. This is
    convenient when writing modules that add new features to Apostrophe. For project level work also see the
    named Nunjucks blocks already provided in outerLayoutBase.html.
  • apos.singleton now accepts an areaOptions option, which can receive any option that can be
    passed to apos.area. Thanks to Manoj Krishnan.
  • Apostrophe’s “projector” jQuery plugin now respects the outerHeight of the tallest slideshow item,
    not just the inner height.
  • apos.area now accepts an addLabel option for each widget type in the area. Thanks to
    Fredrik Ekelund.
  • UI improvements to versioning. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • Button to revert to the current version has been replaced with a label indicating it is current,
    since reverting to the current version has no effect.
  • “Page settings” can now be accessed for any page in the trash via “reorganize.” When
    working with apostrophe-workflow, this is
    often required to commit the fact that a page is in the trash.
  • The uploadfs module now has a prefix option. If present, the prefix is prepended to all uploadfs paths before they reach the storage layer, and is also prepended to URLs. In practice, this means that a single S3 bucket can be used to host multiple sites without all of the uploaded media jumbling together in /attachments. The apostrophe-multisite module now leverages this.