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Apostrophe 2.64.0: search suggestions, showFields for checkboxes, performance and more

  • Apostrophe’s “search suggestions” feature for notFound.html templates is now fully baked. It only takes two steps:
  1. Include an element like this in your notFound.html template:
<div data-apos-notfound-search-results></div>
  1. Set the suggestions option to true for the apostrophe-search module.

With suggestions: true, this feature no longer requires that you have a /search page, it uses a dedicated route. See the documentation of the apostrophe-search module for more information.

  • The showFields option is now available for booleans. The syntax is as follows:
  "name": "awesomeBoolean",
  "label": "Awesome Boolean",
  "type": "boolean",
  "choices": [
      "value": true,
      "showFields": ["otherField1"]
      "value": false,
      "showFields": ["otherField2"]

Thanks to falkodev.

  • A useful error message appears if you try to use a mongodb+srv URL. These are meant for newer versions of the MongoDB driver. You can use them, but you must install the apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver module first. The error message now explains this, addressing a common question on stackoverflow.
  • Basic styles added for the most common rich text markup tags when within the bounds of an Apostrophe modal. Thanks to Lars Houmark.
  • Fixed UI overlap issue when joining with apostrophe-page.
  • apos.images.all, apos.images.first, etc. now include _description, _credit and _creditUrl when they can be inferred from an apostrophe-image containing the attachment.
  • apos.images.srcset helper improved. It is now smart enough to limit the image sizes it offers based on what it knows about the size of the original. Thanks to Fredrik Ekelund.
  • Fixes to CSS asset URL generation to pass validation.
  • Performance: eliminated use of $or MongoDB queries with regard to pages in the trash. MongoDB tests demonstrate that $ne: true is faster than $or for our purposes.