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Apostrophe 2.65.0: replica set fix, _url for files, rich text editors fix, also notes on features missing from 2.64.1 announcement

  • Important fix for MongoDB replica sets: previously we used the autoReconnect option of the MongoDB driver by default. From now on, we use it only if the MongoDB URI does not refer to a replica set. The use of autoReconnect is inappropriate with a replica set because it will keep trying to connect to the node that went down. Leaving this option out results in automatic use of nodes that are up. Also see the apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver module for a way to use the newer mongodb+srv URIs. Thanks to Matt Broadstone of MongoDB for his advice.

  • An apostrophe-file now has a default URL. The default _url property of an apostrophe-file piece is simply the URL of the file itself. This allows apostrophe-file to be included in your configuration for apostrophe-permalinks; picking a PDF in this way generates a direct link to the PDF, which is what the user expects. Note that if the developer elects to set up an apostrophe-files-pages module that extends apostrophe-pieces-pages, that will still take precedence, so there is no bc break.

  • Clicking directly from one rich text widget into another did not work properly; the toolbar did not appear in this situation. This bug has been fixed. The bug only occurred when clicking in a second rich text widget without any intervening clicks outside of all rich text widgets.

  • Also see expanded notes on version 2.64.1, below, which contained several features missed in the original announcement.


  • Introduced the apos.global.whileBusy method. This method accepts a function to be run while no one is permitted to access the site. The provided function may return a promise, and that promise resolves before the site becomes accessible again. In the presence of apostrophe-workflow it is possible to mark only one locale as busy.

  • By default, the apos.locks.lock method waits until the lock is available before proceeding. However there is now a wait option which can be set to false to avoid waiting at all, or to any number of milliseconds. If the method fails because of wait, the error is the string locked.

  • The apos.locks.lock method also now accepts a waitForSelf option. By default, if the same process invokes apos.locks.lock for the same lock in two requests simultaneously, one of the two will receive an error. With waitForSelf, the second invocation will wait for the first to resolve and then obtain the lock.

  • Improved Apostrophe’s ability to redisplay the appropriate widget, array element, and field and call the user’s attention to it when a schema field error is not detected until server-side validation takes place. This addresses problems that come up when fields become required at a later time, and/or data was originally created with an earlier release of Apostrophe that did not enforce required in all situations. Browser-side validation is still preferred for ease of use but server-side validation no longer creates situations the user cannot easily resolve.