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Apostrophe 2.68.0: home page copies, performance wins, multisite fixes and more

  • The lateCriteria cursor filter now works properly, allowing special mongodb criteria that are not allowed inside $and to be merged into the criteria object at the last minute.
  • A noisy warning produced on every page send by the latest version of Bluebird has been silenced.
  • Performance: explicitly shut off sort() for certain cases where we know only one document will be returned. This allows MongoDB to select a more efficient index more often.
  • nlbr Nunjucks filter no longer results in double-escaped markup. Thanks to Ulf Seltmann.
  • The apostrophe-global module now supports the separateWhileBusyMiddleware option. Iby separate middleware that checks for the lock flag in apostrophe-global even if the regular middleware of this method has been disabled and/or overridden to cache in such a way as to make it unsuitable for this purpose. For normal use this option is not necessary.
  • Fixes made to further reduce conflicts between sites with apostrophe-multisite. For instance, the apostrophe-workflow module no longer breaks the dashboard.
  • The home page can now be copied. If you copy the home page, you get a new child of the home page with the same content. Thanks to Tim Otlik.