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Apostrophe 2.69.1: contextual editing of areas in arrays, promise support for migrations and more


Changes since 2.68.0:

  • Promisified all of the apis for migrations, including the option of iterators that return promises, and implemented migrations for old piece and page slugs that have not been deduplicated and thus can block new pages or pieces from taking a slug even though we have logic for this for new pages and pieces.
  • In-context editing support for areas and singletons that are schema fields of arrays. Leaves other, noncontextual data alone. Creating and editing entire array items contextually is outside the scope of this change; use an area rather than an array for that. Directly nested arrays are not supported, but you may use an area in an array in a widget in an array, etc.
  • .jpeg files were slipping through with that extension. All new uploads will be correctly converted to .jpg and go through the proper sizing process.
  • The enableShowFields option was missing some of its logic for fields of type checkboxes. Thanks to Anthony Tarlao.
  • A _title property is now included in attachments returned by apos.images.all and apos.images.first.
  • When apostrophe cannot fix a unique key error, it is helpful to be able to see the last error, as well as the original one. This helps you figure it out if both a unique slug error and an unrelated unique key error are part of the puzzle. We still throw the original error, but we also attach the last error as a property of it, so you can see both.
  • The apos.areas.fromPlaintext method now takes an options parameter. You may set the el property to an element name, in which case the markup is wrapped in that HTML element. options may be omitted.
  • When we introduced allowedSubpageTypes and allowedHomepageTypes in 2.67.0, we broke support for different schemas in different page types. Those regressions are fixed here.
  • The default page type choice offered for a new page is the first type permitted by its parent page.