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Apostrophe 2.71.0: improvements to slug conflict handling

  • When two pieces or pages would have the same slug as the result of an insert or update, Apostrophe automatically appends a unique string. This makes sense for data integrity but as a user experience it leaves something to be desired.

Beginning with this release, if you are editing the title in the piece or page settings editor and apostrophe is making automatic slug suggestions, these suggestions will now include the suffix needed to avoid a conflict. This gives you a chance to see what will happen, and decide to change the title or the slug in a better way. However, you can disable this by setting the deconflictSlugs option of the apostrophe-docs module explicitly to false. If you do, then from now on you will receive a straightforward error message if the suggested slug is in conflict with another slug on the site.

  • If you edit the slug directly and try to save it with a conflict, Apostrophe will always report a straightforward error in the editor, requiring you to fix it manually. This makes sense when you are editing the slug yourself, because it means you care about the exact value.

For backwards compatibility and to resolve race conditions, the server will still automatically modify the slug to be unique in the rare event that a conflict arises during the save operation itself.

  • A simpler yet even better slug prevention feature, in many ways: all apostrophe-pieces modules now accept a slugPrefix option. For instance, if you set this option to people- for your people module and to image- for the apostrophe-images module, the slugs for your people and the photos of them you are uploading will never be in conflict.

We appreciate our enterprise customers and their support of this work.