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Apostrophe 2.72.0: nested folder support in lib/modules

  • Support for subdirectories of lib/modules. You must set the nestedModuleSubdirs option to true in app.js. You can then place your modules in nested subdirectories of lib/modules. The names of the parent folders do not matter, and the name of the actual module folder must still match the name of the module.

In addition, when using this feature you may optionally move part of your modules configuration into a modules.js file in each directory. Here is an example:

module.exports = {
  'module-name': {},
  'other-module-name': {}

By following through with this approach you can make app.js much shorter. Configuration of Apostrophe modules installed via npm must still be done in app.js.

This feature was made possible by an Apostrophe Enterprise Support customer.

  • The apostrophe-html-widgets module now properly concatenates fields to the standard HTML field when addFields is used with it.

  • Fixed a crashing bug when an API was used in an atypical way. Thanks to Max Schlueter.