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Apostrophe 2.73.0: in-context editing for areas in object fields and other fixes

  • Added in-context editing support, support for the contextual flag, and skipInitialModal support for areas and singletons nested in fields of type object. Many thanks to Michelin for making this feature possible through their participation in Apostrophe Enterprise Support.
  • The date Nunjucks filter now accepts locale as a second argument. If locale is not present and req.locale is set, that locale is used, rather than the default system locale. Thanks to Tim Otlik.
  • Removed nuisance warnings about tolerant sanitization.
  • When using the passwordReset: true feature of apostrophe-login, you may also set the passwordResetSubject option to a custom subject line for the password reset email message.
  • The mechanism that sends the password reset request confirmation email has been factored out to the apos.login.sendPasswordResetEmail(req, user) method, so you can trigger it for your own reasons. This method returns a promise; when that promise resolves the password reset email has been successfully handed off for delivery. Note that the promise will be rejected if the user object has no email property.