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Apostrophe 2.76.0: email schema fields, developer help, poll-notifications performance fix, apostrophe-monitor ready and more

  • Email schema field type added. Thanks to Andrea Di Mario.
  • Developer warnings for bad showFields configuration now apply to all field types that support showFields .
  • Schemas are now validated for nested array and object schemas, giving developers more information to help them fix their code.
  • The poll-notifications API now runs as middleware that is scheduled as early as req.user becomes available, avoiding the overhead of loading req.data.global in this frequently polled API.
  • The poll-notifications API does not crash if the apos object has been destroyed. This is not an issue for typical sites. However, this fix removes scary error messages displayed by the very useful apostrophe-monitor module, which is similar to nodemon but specialized to Apostrophe for much faster restarts.
  • Although technically released in the moog-require module, not here, a recent fix in that module bears mentioning because it prevents both apostrophe-monitor and apostrophe-multisite from misbehaving when the options objects of modules are modified. Specifically, the modifications are now reliably distinct for each apos object.
  • The logic that removes certain typically unwanted buttons from CKEditor is now conditional and does not remove them when they are explicitly requested in the toolbar. Thanks to Fredrik Ekelund.
  • Placeholder markup when a pieces widget is empty. Although not often used directly, this template is often copied as a starting point.
  • An open “add widget” area menu now appears above any hovered widget controls rather than being lost behind them.
  • showFields support for fields of type checkboxes has been restored.
  • The “recursion warning” that appears when the same doc is loaded more than 5 times in a single request can now be suppressed on a per-request basis by setting req.suppressAreaLoaderRecursionWarnings to true . However the runaway loading process is still prevented. This is mainly of use for workflow API routes that examine many documents but are OK with stopping in this situation without generating extra log messages.

Thanks to Michelin for sponsoring much of this work through Apostrophe Enterprise Support.