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Apostrophe 2.77.0: the home page can be a pieces page, migration progress display, fixes for reverse joins, drag and drop and more

  • The home page now works correctly when it is a pieces-page powered by apostrophe-pieces-pages. Specifically, the URLs of pieces are generated correctly in this situation. This allows the home page to be a blog page, for example. Regression tests have been added to ensure this does not break in the future.

  • Attachments (files) now become inaccessible properly when the last file or image piece that directly contains them moves to the trash. Formerly, attachments were incorrectly marked as “part of” pages that merely loaded them as part of a join or similar relationship. A migration has been added to correctly reset the docIds and trashDocIds arrays of all attachments on a one-time basis after which they will be tracked properly going forward.

  • Migrations now have a progress display when iterating over all documents. This progress display automatically goes away if the migrations task is not running with access to a TTY (for instance, it is running in a deployment pipeline). You may note that not all migrations use this feature; generally the most time-consuming will however.

  • You can now specify a projection for a reverse join without the need to explicitly include the idsField, or even know what it is. This was one of several reasons why developers often gave up on projections for reverse joins, or went back to the old approach of specifying idsField rather than using reverseOf.

Here is an example from the apostrophe-samples project:

// Forward join: in schema of products
  name: '_specialists',
  type: 'joinByArray',
  withType: 'specialist',
  label: 'Specialists',
  help: 'The right people to ask about this product.'
// Reverse join: in schema of specialists
  name: '_products',
  type: 'joinByArrayReverse',
  withType: 'product',
  reverseOf: '_specialists',
  projection: {
    _url: 1,
    title: 1

Note that we can also project _url: 1 to get all the fields necessary to populate _url when the product is fetched, even though it is not a real property in the database.

  • Unnecessary schema validation errors are no longer thrown when using joinByOneReverse with reverseOf.

  • Schema fields named format are now allowed for pieces. There was a conflict with the UI code and backend routes of the “Manage Pieces” dialog box.

  • "Drag and drop" now works properly for widgets that have just been added to the page. There is no need to refresh the page first.