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Apostrophe 2.79.0: improved migration progress display, quieter migrations

  • Built-in migration progress meter is much improved. The new implementation:
    • Does not display anything if the task completes within 1 second;
    • Allows work to begin even before the total number of items is known;
    • Has a much more stable ETA;
    • Does not crop the total off the far end;
    • Displays steps/sec (very useful metric for development); and
    • Has highly stable formatting (not distracting to the eye).
  • Eliminates unnecessary warnings about unconsumed promises in migrations.

Many thanks to Michelin for making these improvements possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.

To upgrade your project, type:

npm update
node app apostrophe-migrations:migrate

You should also run migrations in production as part of your deployment process. If you are using our standard Stagecoach deployment scripts this is built right in.