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Apostrophe 2.8.0 released: big cloud hosting improvements

Cloud hosting is a big emphasis in this release. There’s a new cloud deployment HOWTO to go with it:

  • APOS_MONGODB_URI environment variable is used to connect to MongoDB if present. Helpful for cloud hosting. See the new deploying Apostrophe in the cloud HOWTO.
  • APOS_S3_BUCKET, APOS_S3_ENDPOINT (optional), APOS_S3_SECRET, APOS_S3_KEY, and APOS_S3_REGION environment variables can be used to configure Apostrophe to use S3 for uploaded media storage. This behavior kicks in if APOS_S3_BUCKET is set. See the new deploying Apostrophe in the cloud HOWTO.
  • New advisory locking API accessible via apos.locks.lock and apos.locks.unlock. apostrophe-migrations:migrate is now wrapped in a lock. More locks are coming, although Apostrophe was carefully designed for benign worst case outcomes during race conditions.
  • Better asset deployment for Heroku and other cloud services. node app apostrophe:generation --create-bundle=NAME now creates a new folder, NAME, containing assets that would otherwise have been written to public. Launching a server with the APOS_BUNDLE environment variable set to NAME will then copy that bundle’s contents into public before listening for connections. See the new deploying Apostrophe in the cloud HOWTO.
  • apostrophe-pieces-pages index pages are about 2x faster; discovered we were inefficiently deep-cloning req when cloning a cursor.
  • Helpful error message if you forget to set the name property of one of your types when configuring apostrophe-pages.