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Apostrophe 2.80.0: mandatory boolean fields, numbers as select field choices and more


2.80.0 (2019-02-28)

  • A recently introduced change broke the filtering that prevented users from selecting too-small images when minSize is in effect. This has been corrected. Note that site visitors never actually saw too-small images because filtering did take effect later in the process.
  • Numbers (in addition to strings) are now permissible choices for select elements. If the choice selected is a number, a number will be stored in the field. Most of this fix is in the launder module but there is a small fix in apostrophe core as well.
  • If a doc is in the trash already, the edit dialog box should have a “Rescue” button rather than a “Trash” button on the “More” dropdown menu.
  • boolean fields can now be made mandatory. If a boolean field is mandatory, the form will not validate unless the user selects “Yes.” This is useful for simple “terms and conditions” forms. You must specify a message to be shown to the user if they do not select “Yes,” like this:
  name: 'toc',
  label: 'Accept the Terms and Conditions',
  type: 'boolean',
  // Displayed if you try to save without picking Yes
  mandatory: 'You must accept the Terms and Conditions to continue.',
  // Always displayed
  help: 'I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.'

Although the documentation formerly claimed that required: true would have this effect for boolean fields, it was pointed out that this functionality did not work, and as a result far too many sites already use required: true for booleans in a way that would break if we implemented the original documented behavior. Therefore we are changing the documentation to match this new implementation that maintains backwards compatibility.

Our thanks to Michelin for making much of this work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.