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Apostrophe 2.81.1 & workflow 2.17.0: schema field defaults supported by global doc, accommodations for override-options


apostrophe version 2.81.1:

  • Default values are now respected by the global doc. Specifically, if your field has a def property when the global doc is first created, it will be set accordingly. In addition, if a field is added to the schema and your site is restarted, it will also be added with the correct default at this time. Tests coverage has been added for this scenario.

apostrophe-workflow version 2.17.0:

  • Added the disableExportAfterCommit option, for compatibility with how boolean editable fields work in the apostrophe-override-options module.
  • Unit test coverage to verify that the new support for adding default values from the schema for new fields of the global doc does not break in the presence of workflow.