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Apostrophe 2.84.0: sortable columns for "manage pieces," npm audit compliance, several fixes and new warnings


In this release we addressed two low-priority warnings from npm audit, added a great sorting feature to the “Manage Pieces” view, and made several fixes. For those who are new to npm audit, this is the tool that warns you when you npm install if your application has security vulnerabilities due to outdated or insecure npm packages.

  • npm audit issue: nunjucks

    • Created maintenance-only fork of nunjucks 2.x as @apostrophecms/nunjucks

    • We will use Nunjucks 3.x in Apostrophe 3.x, this is a maintenance fork only so that no one has to change their templates today in 2.x

    • Addressed dependency on old version of chokidar in nunjucks 2.x

  • npm audit issue: clean-css

    • Verified this module offers no significant improvement in minification over the compress flag of less.

    • Removed this module from ApostropheCMS

    • Verified CSS still minifies

  • You may now sort the “Manage Pieces” view by clicking on any column that has a sort property. By default title and updatedAt are now sortable. When using addColumns specify a sort property like:

  sort: {
    title: 1

For more information see custom columns and sortable columns for the “manage pieces” modal.

  • Fixed several situations formerly requiring a page refresh before editing. More such fixes to come. Thanks to hexitex for the bug reports and insight into the causes.

  • A recent change broke the display of the minimum image size to the user. This has been fixed.

  • A new warning has been added for failure to use arrangeFields comprehensively for all of your fields to make the “manage pieces” modal as clear as possible for the user.

  • Fixes were made allowing contextual editing of more types of content nested in object fields on the page. Thanks to bharathkumarc.

  • npm audit is now part of our official prerelease testing process.

Many thanks to Michelin for making much of this work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.