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Apostrophe 2.85.0: automatically import JPEG metadata, shift-select and more improvements

  • If a JPEG file has EXIF data such as the description, credit, etc. this information is now copied into new properties of the attachment field and made available automatically on corresponding new schema properties of apostrophe-images pieces.
  • req.data.global now becomes available even before its joins and area loaders are executed, as req.aposGlobalCore . This allows modules such as apostrophe-pieces-orderings-bundle to avoid recursive scenarios and performance problems.
  • Sortable columns in the manage view can now indicate whether the first click sorts forwards or backwards, simply by specifying the sort direction in the usual MongoDB way with 1 or -1 .
  • Sortable columns can now be toggled from “no sort” to “forward” to “backward” and back to “no sort” again, and the hover state indicates all of these “next” states.
  • The limitByAll and limitByTag options of the apostrophe-pieces-widgets module now correctly remove these fields from the showFields of the select element that chooses how the widget will select content to display.
  • To select many consecutive pieces or pages quickly in the “Manage Pieces” and “Reorganize Pages” views, hold down the shift button while clicking a second piece. All pieces between the two pieces selected so far will be chosen.
  • Fixed a bug where removing an array item other than the last could cause a failure of the array field editor if the last array item were active. Thanks to anwarhussain93.